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Do you want a spleef plugin, but the others are too complicated? BasicSpleef is a simple plugin that allows you to create arenas and reset them. BasicSpleef is intended to be used to easily reset your arena after a spleef game. Reset Arena


BasicSpleef has four simple commands. Command Information
snow: Snow allows you to fill an area with snow without setting it as an arena.
setarena: Setarena creates a new arena and fills it with snow for spleef. It saves the information for easy resetting.
resetarena: Resetarena reads the save file for the arena with the supplied name and fills it with snow.
listarenas: Listarenas lists all the arenas in the save file.


Permissions are automatically set up. All commands require the user to be an OP.


BasicSpleef is released under GPLv3 License. The source code is in the jar.


This is my first Bukkit plugin. I started learning Java two weeks ago. All bugs and problems caused by this software are not my fault. Use at your own risk.


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