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BasicShop Overview

BasicShop is a very simple, lightweight, easy to use plugin designed to make buying and selling items to and from the server much easier than before. Rather than limit what can be sold, where it can be done, and for what price, BasicShop aims to make everything much, much easier. The owner/admin of the server can set item ID's in the config, along with the buy and sell price, for all users to use. The shop is globalized and command based, which means any item defined in the config can be bought from anywhere at any time through the use of a command.


  • /bbuy <ID> <amount>, which buys the itemstack with the amount specified for the buy price (set in the config) multiplied by the amount.
  • /bsell, which sells the entire itemstack in the hand of the player for the sell price (set in the config) multiplied by the amount.


  • - allows access to the /bbuy command.
  • basicshop.sell - allows access to the /bsell command.
  • If you have no permissions plugin, these default to true.


  1. Download and install any economy plugin supported by Vault.
  2. Download and install Vault itself.
  3. Download this plugin, and simply drag and drop it into the server's plugins folder. The config file will auto-generate upon its first startup.
  • Please note that without Vault and an Economy plugin, this plugin will not work.


All configuration options are explained in the config.yml. A clean config file in case anyone needs it-

#currencyname is used when someone buys/sells something as
#You bought 23 STONE for 23 "currencyname".
currencyname: Dollars

#Keep all items in the shop as block/item IDs
#Decimals work only as long as your economy plugin supports them
   buy: 1
   sell: 0.8
   buy: 15
   sell: 10.3
   buy: 23
   sell: 1000

To add or remove options (because who wants people buying sponge for $23, right?), simply follow the pattern already established in the config file and it will work just fine.


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