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Quote from theSwak:

This plugin gives the a player the ability to heal another living creature or player with a bandage if damaged. It will remove the bandage item from the player and apply to the player/creature a certain amount of health. I am adding new functionality and more server administration control with permissions and configuration files. This is my first open-source project and I am very open to ideas/comments to help improve this project. As of version 0.46 I am looking to put this into a release as I catch up on the last few 1.1 revisions and developing some more in depth functions with 1.2 release for craftbukkit.

<3 Current Version 0.8 <3 compatible with bukkit version: 1.2.5-R5.0

BandageMe Screenshot


  • Ability to heal another living creature/player using a bandage.
  • Check a player/creatures health with a command.
  • Configuration to bandage item, amount and success rate within the generated config.yml
Planned Features
  • Adding permissions compatibility for users/groups.
  • Configurable delay between bandage usages.

Commands and Permission nodes

  • /bandageme : Description of plugin's features.
  • /bandageme <player> : Check the player's health and warns the player you are checking.
  • more info soon

Configuration (BandageMe/config.yml)

  • bandage-material : STRING (acceptable item names from Bukkit.Material list)
  • healing-chance : 80 (0-100 which is the chance out of one hundred)
  • usage-amount : 4 (amount of bandage-material to be removed for bandage use)
Server Installation
  1. Install BandageMe.jar to your server /plugins folder
  2. Restart the server to create default configuration files
  3. Stop Server and change config.yml to preference
  4. Start server and enjoy some healing
How to Use
  1. Have at least 4 string in your hand.
  2. Stand near the creature/player that you want to bandage.
  3. Sneak and Right-Click on creature/player with string in hand.
  4. The string will be removed if the bandage is applied to the creature/player.

v 0.8

  • updated with craftbukkit-1.2.5-R5.0 compatibility

v 0.46

  • updated with craftbukkit 1.1-R6 compatibility
  • initial structure in place for permissions
  • bandage material can be changed within the config.yml

v 0.42

  • updated with craftbukkit 1.1-R4 compatibility
  • added a config.yml file
  • using a bandage will now cause a cool down timer (this is to stop from spamming the action)
  • added a visual effect when you have successfully healed a living creature/player
  • added a configurable success rate to heal the targeted creature/player with bandage


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