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An auto censor plugin that enables you to stop worrying about players swearing on your server. The number of warnings can be specified, as can the action that is taken once the warnings are expired (kick or ban).

For Portuguese speaking users, user AbsintoJPl has very kindly provided a video tutorial for Badwords. Thanks AbsintoJ!


  • Individual words or entire phrases supported
  • Regular expression support
  • Banned words can be substituted for less offensive words
  • Admin can define how many warnings players get
  • Admin definable punishment (kick or ban)
  • Case insensitive matching
  • Only whole words or phrases are matched (i.e. "the" would not match in "tether")
  • Admin can define who gets notified of profanities
  • Nominated players (and op) can be ignored by BadWords

What's new?

  • New to 1.52 - Hopefully fixed async kicking bug (Tickets 31, 33 & 34)
  • New to 1.52 - Added UUID support (when you first start this version it will migrate your config file to using UUIDs instead of usernames)
  • New to 1.52 - Added "reload" command to reload BadWords config
  • New to 1.52 - Added "ignore.op" config option which makes BadWords ignore swearing by ops
  • New to 1.52 - Added ability to tell BadWords to ignore swearing by nominated players
  • New to 1.52 - Added optional auto-update of plugin
  • New to 1.52 - Added "update" command to update plugin (if available)
  • New to 1.52 - Added "banreason" config option
  • New to 1.41 - Fixed bug in warning timestamps
  • New to 1.40 - Added functionality that unbans a player when their warnings are reset
  • New to 1.40 - Fixed bug that broke update checking enabling/disabling
  • New to 1.40 - Fixed bug in "warnings" that would give remaining warnings for non-existant players
  • New to 1.40 - Fixed bug preventing commands from being issued on the console
  • New to 1.31 - Update checking can now be disabled
  • New to 1.30 - Warnings can now be reset by an op
  • New to 1.30 - Warnings can be configured to expire after a set time
  • New to 1.24 - Fixed bug causing players to be warned of remaining warnings, when warnings -1 was set in config
  • New to 1.23 - Fixed bug causing sporadic exception when adding or delete word from banned list in game
  • New to 1.22 - Banned words can now be substituted for less offensive words
  • New to 1.22 - Changed command from /bw to /badw to avoid collisions with other plugins (e.g. ButtonWarp)
  • New to 1.2 - Various admin commands now available in game (see details below)
  • New to 1.2 - Log censored messages
  • New to 1.2 - Server logs and Ops are now notified when an update to BadWords is available
  • New to 1.2 - Permission support


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