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My name is Sizableshrimp0 the developer of Bukkitfly. This is my first plugin and I hope you enjoy it. This plugin will keep getting new features from time to time until I run out of ideas!! This plugin has tons of cool stuff!!


  • /fly: Enables flight.
  • /gmc: Sets player to Creative.
  • /gms: Sets player to Survival.
  • /gma Sets player to Adventure.


  • Bukkitfly.fly: Allows player to use /fly.
  • Bukkitfly.gmc: Allows player to use /gmc.
  • Bukkitfly.gms: Allows player to use /gms.
  • Bukkitfly.gma: Allows player to use /gma


This plugin will NOT be updated anymore. This is because I am creating a new plugin called MyEssentials. Obviously it is a essentials plugin and I hope you check it out!


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