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This plugin allows you to do what you want with people that ask the same questions over and over.

Config Your config file will look something like this:

Responses: '&3No advertising~kick &4You will die!'
Kick message: '&4Player %p has been kicked for: %r'
Keywords: 'come join my server~hi'

Now the few things that need explaining here are the format, and the variables

  • Responses is the response given to the question defined in "Keywords", each entry will have the same position as in "Keywords" and is seperated by
  • Kick message is quite easy to understand, it is the message shown to every one else when someone gets kicked.
  • Keywords is the list of words, or sentences that you want to trigger either a kick or a warning, separated by
    The variables:
  • %p is the a variable that will be replaced by the player that is being kicked or warned.
  • &<code> is used to define color codes


  • is the permission that allows for a player to be ignored or watched, if they have the permission set to true they will be watched
  • auto.toggle is the permission that allows to toggle the plugin on/off by using the command /auto <on/off>


  • /auto <on>/<off> toggles the plugin on or off, uses the permission node "auto.toggle"

In order to make a kick, on the Response line put "kick <reason of kick>


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