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The plugin that automatically informs players of stuff when they ask a question.

How to use:

Download the zip file, put all the files in your plugin directory,

At AutoResponder/files directory there will be a txt file named DummyQuestion and inside of it a file named DummyAnswer. You can delete that file and make your own ones.(WARNING! ONLY TXT FILES NOT NOT EXTENSION ONES!) How it works: The files title is the keyword/question the player asks and inside of it the responce given.


The text doesnt have to match excacly what the player is saying it will work even if his message CONTAINS the files name.ex: filename: grief, inside the file: You cant grief. Player says: Can i grief? and the server answers "Griefing is not allowed, if you see anyoen griefing please contact an admin" But it will also trigger on ANY other message ex: "I HAVE BEEN GRIEFED" this will trigger the message again.


autoresponder - main control command parameters: reload - reloads the keywords/answers

usage example: /autoresponder reload Planned: Disable command


autoresponder.control - Grants permission to the /autoresponder command Planned: bypass permission


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