Anti-EnderPick (AEP) v1.3 - Lightweight Enderman Solution

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AntiEnderPick v1.3
Stop Endermans lightweightly!

AntiEnderPick is a really lightweight plugin, which prevents
Endermans from picking up blocks.
You can configurate the non-pickable blocks via the config file
or prevent the Enderman to take any block.
Also some noticeably commands are implemented, so
you can easy switch between list-mode or fullprevent-mode or
even deactivate the function of this plugin entirely,
in case you need to do this for some reason.

- Prevents Endermans from pickung up blocks.
- Multiworld support!
- Define the non-pickable blocks via config.yml
- Turn the blocklist or the entire plugin on and off with commands. + Permissions

-Put the stuff into your plugin folder, done.
(the config generats on the first use)

Commands (for console and ingame):
- /aep on (activates the plugin)
- /aep off (deactivates the plugin)
- /aep lon (Blocklist on)
- /aep loff (Blocklist off)

Permissions (Superm):
- antienderpick.acti


- Version 1.3

- Post them in this thread.



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