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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Created by Damo1995
As you may or may not have seen down in the comments below, World Guard is looking at implementing the function of this plugin into theres. Please click here to see what is going to happen and the way forward for this plugin

== What is AnimalProtect: ==
AnimalProtect is a simple but effective worldguard addon to block players killing animals inside regions they cannot build in.
The plugin will block any form of damage to the mob/animal including bow and arrows.
The plugin will also allow you to configure if you would like to protect hostile mobs inside regions too, this is disabled by default.

Get WorldGuard Here:

== How does it work? ==
AnimalProtect works by checking if the player has permissions to build in the area, either via region addmember or if they have the
bypass region protection built in op flag.

== Config file: ==

# Default Config for AnimalProtect
notify: true
notify-interval: 10
notify-player: true
notify-outdated: true
update-check: true
shear-protect: true
debug: false
FailMessage: You cannot attack mobs here!
RideMessage: You cant ride this Horse/Donkey!
CommandFail: You lack the necessary permissions to perform this action.
AdminNotification: Attempted to kill protected animals

for mobs that can be used in the config click here

== Commands: ==
/animalprotect - Public command to show plugin info.
/apreload - Reloads config.
/apupdate - Checks for updates - If enabled in config.
/aplist <type> - Types: Mobs, Players - List the protected animals.
/apunclaim- Allow players to unclaim horses.
/specialcommand <type> - No the command isent called specialcommand its called something else and it is for horses, But can you find it??

== Permissions: ==
animalprotect.admin - Everything
animalprotect.notify - Notify this player when player attempts to kill animal in protected regions.
animalprotect.bypass - Bypass protections
animalprotect.list - Allows aplist commands
animalprotect.update - Allows apupdate command
animalprotect.unclaim - Needed for the /apunclaim command.
== ToDo: ==
- Add support for use flag.
== Download ==

Version 1.4.1: Download

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