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Attention: This project is no longer being updated and has been abandoned. Feel free to still download this plugin but once again please keep in mind that I will no longer be working on it. Sorry for any inconvenience.


AdvancedPets Is A Convenient Pet Plugin For Public Usage. This Plugin Was Developed By NickenatorDev, And Is Very Simple To Use. Simply Type "advancedpets open petselector" In Chat, Select Any Pet Of Your Choice, And Enjoy Your New Pet!

Change Log

AdvancedPets v0.1:

  • Added The Following Commands: /advancedpets help, /advancedpets reload, /advancedpets version, /advancedpets configuration display, /advancedpets open petselector.
  • Added The Following Permissions: advancedpets.*, advancedpets.command.help, advancedpets.command.reload, advancedpets.command.version, advacnedpets.command.configuration.display, advancedpets.command.open.petselector.
  • Added A Configuration File.

AdvancedPets v0.2:

  • Fixed Automatic Updating.


  • /advancedpets help - Display A List Of Commands, Permissions, And Other Information Relating To The AdvancedPets Plugin.
  • /advancedpets reload - Reload The AdvancedPets Plugin Configuration File.
  • /advancedpets version - Check The Version Of AdvancedPets That You Are Using On Your Server.
  • /advancedpets configuration display - Display The AdvancedPets Plugin Configuration File And All Of It's Containing Values.
  • /advancedpets open petselector - Open A GUI In Contain Of Spawnable Pets.


  • advancedpets.* - Give Any Specified Player Access To All Of The Permissions Relating To The AdvancedPets Plugin.
  • advancedpets.command.help - Allow Any Specified Player To Use The Command /advancedpets help.
  • advancedpets.command.reload - Allow Any Specified Player To Use The Command /advancedpets reload.
  • advancedpets.command.version - Allow Any Specified Player To Use The Command /advancedpets version.
  • advancedpets.command.configuration.display - Allow Any Specified Player To Use The Command /advancedpets configuration display.
  • advancedpets.command.open.petselector - Allow Any Specified Player To Use The Command /advancedpets open petselector.


  • The Plugin Author (NickenatorDev, Me): Click Here
  • The Author Of The Automatic Updating API (gravity_low): Click Here
  • The Development Team Of The IDE That I Use To Develope All Of My Plugins In (eclipse): Click Here


If You Have Any Questions About The Plugin, The Source, Or You Are Confused On How The Plugin Operates In Any Way, PM Me Or Shoot Me An Email At: NickenatorDev@gmail.com