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This plugin bans combat logging in an efficient way. Whenever a player successfully hit a player with a weapon or a potion, it will tag both players as in combat. After a configurable time, the tagged player will no longer be tagged as long as the player hasn't been hit since tagged the last time. If a player logs out while being tagged, the player will be killed automatically and a message will be broadcast to the server, but again all this is configurable.


  • Stable and light
  • Ability to disable commands, teleporting and more
  • Tags even potion throws
  • Does not tag faction members
  • Highly configurable


  • /combatlog: Administrative commands for the plugin (combatlog.admin)
  • /timeleft (/tag, /ct): Check how much time of combat you have left (combatlog.user)


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Drop it into your plugins folder
  3. Run the server to generate configs
  4. You're good to go!


  • Me for development
  • KosmosPvP for ideas


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