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[Admin GUI tools Plus]


Why have I make It: I have make It to make it easy for your admins to control your server.

What the plugin does: It's create a GUI for admins to control your server easy. it's include banning, kicking, freezing players, Enable/disable fly, reloading....,  It also can be opend with a item that you can get with the command /Give AdminWand.

There was a error that now is fixed. 



  • I have added buttons to go back in the menu 
  • There are now to options to disable/enable fly for other players
  • There is a troll menu been added with this you can launch players, strike lightning on players, scare players...


* Please leave a comment, because I have really worked hard on this plugin.

* You can click on Images to see what the GUI looks now.



  • /Admin
  • /Give AdminWand


  • AdminMenu.*


See it in Action:


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