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Aug 25, 2011

Owner: Craftar

Welcome to console+, the regular server console extension. Running a server but dont have enough RAM to play on the same pc ? Don't want to have to log in to find out what events are going on ?

You've come to the right place.

Console+ Adds tons of new notifications that are ALL recieved through the console. This makes it easier to find out who's done what. There are currently:**

•How much health upon login

•How much health upon logout

•When someone uses a portal

•When someone uses a flint and steel

•When someone uses TNT

•When someone dies

Current Next-Update Features:

•PathMe (Makes a trail of redstone wherever a player goes) (Can be disabled)


- 22/8/2011

•Initial Release•

- 23/8/2011

Fixed: plugin.yml error.

- 25/8/2011

Added: Configuration File :D

Teleport Notice: Removed

Player Messages: Removed

Block Listener: Added :D (Woot woot !)

TNT Notice: Added

- 26/8/2011

PathMe: Added
About PathMe:
PathMe is a basic feature that is currently in beta testing mode. It leaves a path of redstone behind players. As said, it's in beta testing mode. It may cause lag, but only to a certain extent. It can NOT be used to grief spawns for it adds the redstone at the players feet. The next few development features of this are:

If in water do nothing.
If on glass do nothing.
Add hashmap :P

For now, unless you wish to try it out, I recommend disabling it in the configuration, but if you wish to test, be my guest :)


•Add configuration for what is displayed

•Add more configuration options.

•Add more functions.

•Add BlockListener.

Known Bugs:
•PathMe will still spawn redstone in impossible places, causing them to pop off. This is a source of a little lag.

More Info:
This is my first plugin. I decided to attempt a plugin because I make SSP mods, and thought that it'd make a nice change. I've started off simple and plan to get more complex at a steady pace.

Support!: ConsolePlus :/A Craftar Plugin/mca.png