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Ever get nervous that anyone else that can access your computer can go onto your account and grief, just because you ticked the remember password box? No more. Server owners can now offer users a second level of protection in-game.

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AccountLock works by storing a hash, of a password set by the user. The user then can lock their account, which will enforce a no action lock on the account everytime the user logs in. To stop this freeze of player actions, the user then unlocks their account, by inputting their password, and if the hash of both passwords are the same, the account is unlocked for that login.

To illustrate more, lets view some examples

Example Uses

Basic Usage Example

  • User Notch logs in
  • Notch runs /alock setPassword 123
  • A hash is now stored in the server of Notch's password. Note that the password is not actually stored
  • Notch runs /alock lock
  • His account is now locked. Anything he does, whether its movement, text chat or interact with the environment, is cancelled.
  • Every 30 Seconds an account is locked, a message is sent to the user, that to unlock the account, you must run /alock unlock [password]
  • Notch logs out, not needing to play Minecraft
  • His brother, quickly steals the computer, logs in because Notch ticked remember password, and goes onto his favorite server, Minetown
  • But alas, his Brother struggles in futility, because everything he tries todo, it reverses it. He runs in terror of this almighty plugin
  • Notch comes back, logs into the server, and runs /alock unlock 123, and plays happily for the rest of his session

But alas, this plugin offers more!

Hacked Accounts

  • Notch's account is hacked, and he hasn't used accountLock
  • A random griefer runs around the server
  • Thankfully the server has accountLock installed, and using /alock help, the admins know how to use it
  • Using /alock lockR Notch, the admins remotely lock Notch's account
  • Notch finally regains access to his account, he posts on the forum to ask for his account to be unlocked
  • Admins use /alock unlockR Notch, and unlock his account

Forgotten Passwords

  • Notch forgets his password to his account. Uh-oh, no Minecraft access on his fave server?
  • Admins reset his password, using /alock resetPassword Notch

Temporary Use

  • Notch doesn't use AccountLock, because he doesn't tick remember me box, but occasionally he leaves his computer to go eat Dorito's, and doesn't want his brother griefing his account
  • Lucky Notch knows that he can use /alock tempLock, to only lock his account for one login session

MEH, Imma be haxed anyways

  • Notch doesn't need AccountLock anymore, because hes going to be hacked anyway (Or so he believes)
  • Notch runs /alock killLock 123, and kills the auto-lock



You need accountLock.basic permissions for this

  • /alock - Gets account status (locked or unlocked)
  • /alock setPassword [password]
  • /alock lock
  • /alock unlock
  • /alock tempLock
  • /alock help


You need accountLock.admin permission to use this

  • /alock [displayName or username] - Gets account status of another account (locked or unlocked)
  • /alock resetPassword [displayName or username]
  • /alock lockR [displayName or username]
  • /alock unlockR [displayName or username]


This plugin was developed for the Minecraft server Minetown (only the best), by a 14 year old programmer called Liam (liamzebedee) in around 2 days.


Here are a list of servers which currently use AccountLock. As this is a new plugin, not many people know about it, but those who do, deserve some credit for using it.

  • Minetown
  • (IP:


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