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A whole new way to play hardcore survival.
Artwork by EpicTimoZz



Basically your character has several stats which effect your happiness.
- Health (determined by the health bar)
- Hunger (determined by the hunger bar)
- Sleep (Will go down over time, can be replenished by using a bed)
- Comfort (Your character likes well lit, spacious areas with fancy flooring)
You need to manage each aspect of the game to stay alive.
If your happiness drops below 5, you have a chance of committing suicide (more likely the lower it gets)


- Unique gameplay
- GUI sidebar
- Multiworld support
- Per world deathban
- You get random side effects when your happiness gets low.


- Download the latest version of Aaaaah!Death and put it in your plugin folder.
- Restart your server, or load them through a plugin manager.
- A folder containing the config.yml will have been created.
- Please view the links below for detailed help for a specific topic.


Useful links:

- Screenshots
- Configuration
- Commands
- Permissions


Major bug fixes
Added chinese (simplified) language file
Added config option: - <world>.stats.sleep.decay-time
Commands now work from console
New worlds now have the plugin enabled by default.
Added (around 8 different) side effects when you're unhappy.
Changed it so that you loose happiness depending on how much damage you take.
- no longer loose hunger from snowballs and other things which "damage" you but deal no damage

Want to help with documentation?: PM me.


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