Ever gotten bored of that trusty old camp on the cliffs of the Squid Coast? Then why not take a vacation to Odyssey Isle, a peaceful island on a very different cliff: You'll feel right at home, all while relaxing with the merchants at a stunning getaway!


Please note the following:

First: This mod has two major missing features from the regular game. First, the Enchantsmith is not present. Also, the Adventure hub is only accessible VIA the map, not through a structure. 
Second: If playing Multiplayer, ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE THE MOD, as this is a non vanilla-compatible mod.
Third: This mod will be compatible with mods such as Boss Rush and Any Pet or cosmetic mods, but IS NOT compatible with other Camp Mods, or Blossoming Isles.

For Contact, just DM me on Discord at Azuran_SHadow#3943 or join my silly defunct discord server https://discord.gg/8TNtgeYkkQ



Mod created with help of Team Odyssey!