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Dangerous Docks Custom Level

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Hi! This mod is a short level that takes place after Arch Haven on your way to the Stronghold!

The levels story is that it is a fishing spot that the Pillagers used.

The area is not abandoned leaving hoards of monsters to guard the food that you came searching for on your trip at sea.


How to Install:

1.) Download the .PAK file

2.) Put the .PAK file in 

C:\(Your games folder)\Minecraft Dungeons\Content\Dungeons\Content\Paks\~mods

If you do not have a "~mods" folder, please watch one of the many tutorials on how to install mods on Minecraft Dungeons.

3.) Launch Minecraft Dungeons

If Minecraft Dungeons doesn't start, restart your computer.

4.) Play Arch Haven which is now the Dangerous Docks level!