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Nether Update - Bedrock

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This is Nether Update

The Nether Update Resource Pack


This pack aims to add in all the 1.16 nether features




Blue Nether Wart

Blue Nether Log

Red Nether Log

Blue Nether Wood

Red Nether Wood

Smooth Netherrack

Netherrack Bricks

Soulless Sand

Stalactite Block

Red Nether Grass

Red Nether Grass Blocks 

Blue Nether Grass

Blue Nether Grass Blocks

Orange Mushrooms

Blue Mushrooms

Glow Wart



How to access the blocks:


Black Glazed Terracotta - Nether Sand
Brown Glazed Terracotta - Stalactite
Purpur Pillar - Wood Wart Log
Orange Glazed Terracotta - Nether Grass
Activator Rail - Orange Mushroom
Detector Rail - Blue Mushroom
Blue Glazed Terracotta - Blue Wood Wart Block
Quartz Pillar - Blue Nether Wart Log
Light Blue Glazed Terracotta - Blue Nether Grass
Sea Lantern - Glow Wart
Acacia Wood - Wood Wart
Jungle Wood - Dark Wood Wart
Diorite - Netherrack Bricks
End Stone Bricks - Smooth Netherrack
Birch Wood - Blue Wood Wart


Here you can see a collection of the new blocks