Held Light Sources

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Filename HeldLightSources_1_3.mcpack
Uploaded by 1daft
Uploaded May 18, 2022
Game Version 1.18   +1
Size 189.35 KB
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MD5 3d5d0c23beb35f16e8b6e63bd9b2b2db
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This version is more responsive to light source changes by the player than the last version. (switching items out of inventory).


I could at this point make it so only items in the hotbar have a lighting effect. I will probably make a version later that does this if you play the game in hard mode. for now i left it as is.


Previously there would be a lag if more than a few people were on the server as it used command blocks to process each player in series. This update does away with that and process everyone all at once with no command blocks.It also doesn't require a ticking area since there are no command blocks.


Replacing the old version with this version will remove the old command blocks and ticking area in the world further improving performance (if they existed). if for some bizarre reason you want the old one back switching back should work fine as well. running both will cause problems in performance as they will fight over creating the ticking are and removing it possibly eventually crashing or locking up minecraft. don't do that ;)


skipped version 1.2 to get version numbers on curse forge inline with version numbers in the manifest.