Alittl Axolotl & Friends [TexturePack]- Animated 3D bucket friends! [Bedrock Version]

This pack turns axolotl & pufferfish in a bucket into a little animated and 3d version, also has matching buckets

why? because its cute as!

 (other fish in buckets coming soon)


Bedrock version [V1.1]

Featuring smooth bedrock edition animations & sound effects when held in the hand!

provided by @vactricaKing

Download Latest Bedrock version from [HERE]!!!


Java Version [V5.0]


- added tropical fish (un-animated placeholder for the moment)

- added Optifine colour support for your diffferent axolotl buckets - thanks to Toromeii

There is also an addon to disable the animation (but why would you want that?) .


Download latest Java Version From [HERE]!!!