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18.9K Downloads Updated Oct 28, 2022 Created Oct 26, 2022

An even more detailed experience with quadruple-resolution textures!

25.3K Downloads Updated Jul 26, 2022 Created Nov 23, 2021

A UI pack to make an animated RGB (Or Chroma) XP bar, hotbar, and Inventory...

34.4K Downloads Updated Jul 26, 2022 Created Dec 9, 2021

Convert from Bedrock Edition UI to Java Edition UI!

22.3K Downloads Updated Oct 12, 2022 Created Jan 15, 2022

Vanilla RTX is a PBR resource pack for Minecraft RTX that provides quality PBR maps...

8K Downloads Updated Nov 15, 2022 Created May 16, 2022

An 8x8 simple pack with a vibrant, boxy aesthetic. For Bedrock!

10.2K Downloads Updated Jul 24, 2022 Created Apr 20, 2022

Carried light sources produce light.

34.2K Downloads Updated Jun 28, 2022 Created Aug 16, 2021


15.3K Downloads Updated Aug 2, 2021 Created Aug 2, 2021

A texture-pack that uses Java Script code and textures for improve the visuals of the...

5.6K Downloads Updated Jul 12, 2022 Created Jul 12, 2022

Adds Warden armor, Echo tools, and an Echo staff into your world!

8K Downloads Updated Apr 14, 2022 Created Apr 14, 2022

x-ray let’s you see everything you want through blocks to find bases ores and much...

3.2K Downloads Updated Sep 10, 2022 Created Jul 9, 2022

Red’s More Structures Addon adds new structures to Minecraft Bedrock, making the world a more...

5.5K Downloads Updated Feb 2, 2022 Created Feb 2, 2022

A Minecraft Bedrock PvP Texture Pack

17K Downloads Updated Sep 9, 2021 Created Sep 8, 2021

A rift has opened and now all the universes in the Minecraft multiverse are combining...

4.6K Downloads Updated Jun 8, 2022 Created Apr 3, 2022

Changes almost every trade in the game in favor of the player

3.5K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2022 Created Jul 15, 2022

🌱 Beautify your interface with a flowery themed hot-bar and inventory screens!

7.2K Downloads Updated Jul 11, 2022 Created Dec 14, 2021

This addon allows you to create all manner of geometric shapes easily.

2.5K Downloads Updated Jun 3, 2022 Created Jun 3, 2022

Trade an infinite amount of times with villagers, without them having to restock.

3.6K Downloads Updated Jun 28, 2022 Created Jun 25, 2022

16x PBR pack for Bedrock RTX

5.7K Downloads Updated Nov 5, 2022 Created Mar 6, 2022

Revamps All Tools In A Minecrafty Way!

4.4K Downloads Updated Jun 15, 2022 Created Jan 21, 2022

All beds have a unique Anime character on them.