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Ultimate NASA Space Shuttle Replica: Freedom

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The NASA Space Shuttle Freedom was an ambitious creation that took days of tweaking to master. Some of NASA's launch calculations and statistics were used to create the shuttle and the attached rocket parts. 

How to fly it:

1. Press 1 to activate main engines

2. Press Z and space at the same time to engage boosters.

3. Throttle down to 67% like the real NASA shuttle

4. Start performing gravity turn at 7km +

5. Stage boosters and slowly throttle up to 100% (you have to be upside down with the external tank facing upwards for this to work)

6. Continue to increase Apoapsis to 70km + (toggle orbital engines by pressing 2 if you need to maintain stability, change thrust limiter if needed)

7. Stage external tank and set main engines to approximately 40% using the thrust limiter and with all engines on burn into orbit.( orbital engines at 100%)

8. Have fun :)

Some notes:

Use the shuttles air-brakes on the tail during reentry to help slow down and usually come in at 30 degrees.

Critical mods:

Adjustable Landing gear

B9 Aerospace

Cross Feed enabler


Firespitter ( might be outdated)

Kw rocketry

Mech Jeb 2

Klockhead Martian gimbal and SSE

Space Y lifters

Config Alterations

Change main engines to 225 max thrust in the config file (CRITICAL!!!)

Change big S wings and strakes to a max lift of 10(wings) and 5(strakes)

Change orbital engines thrust to 125 (Critical)

I know its a bit but its to replicate the real shuttle