Phantom aerospace's Experimental planes pack

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Like the title suggests, this pack contains 8 planes from history that are strange and futuristic but didnt make it into production.


going in order of how well the brakes work (aka smallest to largest)


  • Junkers EF 128 (bottom center). a small fighter dreamed up by the nazis during late WW2 as a last ditch small jet fighter. please dont mind the small tail, i was having issues with the control surfaces.
  • Lockheed-Martin Have Blue (weird name). Built as a proof of concept for the F-117 nighthawk's stealth technology, it's quite angular. I strongly suggest NOT rolling this plane. stall speed is about 25 m/s powered by 4 juno engines
  • Lockheed L-133 (bottom right). designed in 1939 to cash in on the new technology of jet propulsion, it was to be the world's first jet with afterburners. But, the US Air Force pulled Funding of the project because they didnt see the merit of such a concept. The wings were later used on the F9F panther's prototype
  • YF-23 (top left). Developement started in 1991 specifically to beat the F-22, this Futuristic looking aircraft was better in nearly every way, But the Air Force cancelled it due to politics and cost.
  • Ryan XV-5A (top right). Designed in 1962 as a proof of concept, this VTOL plane was powered of one X-353 turbine (i think) She flies pretty rough if you dont know how. First, engage brakes, then hit 2 with full throttle. try to keep at least -10 on your NavBall. keep track of your vertical speed. once you've reached a somewhat stable course, hit 1. when the speed is about 60 m/s, hit 2. after that, take it slow and you'll be fine.
  • LASRE-SR-71 (top center). NASA outfitted a SR-71 with an experimental linear aerospike (i suggest reading up on the function) Basically, instead of an engine bell, an aerospike uses air pressure/flow to channel thrust, since the SR-71 was the fastest air breathing manned plane, it was the obvious test vehicle.
  • XB-70A Valkyrie (far right) Developed as a supersonic bomber in the mid 1960's with the goal of mach 3+ nuclear bombing capability in mind, it became obsolete with the advent of ICBMs and was relegated to research flights.
  • Junkers EF-132. To go along with the 128, this bomber was designed by the nazis in WW2. it is powered by 6 wheesley jets, its a pretty speedy large aircraft


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