15,000 m/s Lander + Return

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Hi all. sharing my first ship here. I searched and couldn't really find any complete moon landing and return ships, with the exception of mun and possibly min. 


Parts: 455

Lander: included

Stages: 15

Cost: 2,211,823


Vessel Mass: 7051 T


This ship has 15,000 m/s of VAC delta V which means you can land and return from any moon inside of Dres and the Sun. Also, you can land on some of the smaller planets. You can also orbit Jool or one of its moons, but you'll have to crash land back to Kerbin. 


I created this ship during the science career mode. Fantastic late game ship there if you play that. I was bringing about 1,000 science per mission back to Kerbin. 



1) Fly straight up till you reach about 30km then begin your turn to 45* until you reach 50km, then fly at the horizon until you reach orbit. 

2) When reaching orbit, free the gymbals for the "Rhino" inner stage. You'll have better steering control. 



Mods required:



Mod recommended:



This ship uses all stock components so should work pretty well for awhile. 







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