KSP Stock Space Shuttle

This is a KSP stock space shuttle made to look like and function in the way the real space shuttle did. The space shuttle is composed  of 100 parts and its maximum payload is 40 tons into a 150km orbit. If someone tries to get more than that then it will become unstable (40 tons is about the mass of 2 2.5 medium fuel tanks) The commands for the ship: Button 1: Toggles main engines Button 2: Toggles RCS Engines Button 3: Toggles bay doors Button 4: Toggles lights. Thank you for downloading and please check out my youtube: 


Radioactive Clover


How to input the file

1. Open Ksp.Win folder

2. Open "Saves"  folder

3. Select desired save file for ship

4. Go into "Ships" Folder
5. Put the space shuttle file into the file labeled "VAB"

6. Run KSP Save file and Enjoy!