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The Jacksepticeye Ship Pack includes

Septiceye Station - It's not the same one that was in Jacksepticeye's video but it's very similar to it what's different is that mine is made with all stock parts and the one that was made in the video had a few modded parts. You may also notice that there is mono propellant on one side that's because I needed to even out the weight from the other side so I can't do much about that and you really don't notice it once it's in space.

Septiceye RoverI made this rover from stock parts, I feel it's finished and I would like to get it out to all the septiceye community. Let me know some feed back about it like if I need to add anything.

Septiceye Lander - This is the most recent addition to the Jacksepticeye Pack. It is capable of landing on the moon and flying back to earth.

How to Install

Unzip Jacksepticeye Pack 

Then place the .craft files in your VAB folder inside of the saves folder, you need to have a saved game for these ships to work.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\saves\SavedGame\Ships\VAB

Once the .craft files are in the folder start up your game, pick the save you put the files in and click load

Boom your on your way to flight!

Have fun.