IW Zuki

187 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 13, 2015 Game Version: 1.0.5

Mk1 Fighter Plane - TurboJet Engine (2) (Stock)

Center of Lift Adjusting System (CLAS)
You must move wing strakes (2) (Hidden)
Behind front landing gear
Refill Tanks System (RTS)

Founds: 40.031
Parts: 54
Mass: 19.9t

H: 3.7m
W: 10.2m
L: 12.3m

Crew: Drone / 1

You must have installed PMI-Fuel-gen (RTS Model)

Action Groups
1 Extend/Retract ladder
2 Toggle gear light
3 Refill tanks (RTS Model)
4 Stop refill tanks (RTS Model)
5 Toggle Cockpit light

No help to take off
Able to fly 1.000 m/s at low altitude
Max. speed: 1.300 m/s
Easy to land


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