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Hi! this is my first craft. this craft has the ability to go to any planet in Kerbol*.


1. the first 3 power through the atmosphere**

2. the next stage helps achieve orbit, and be used to start your journey to another planet.

3. the next stage with the atomic boosters on it is your main vessel, used to finish your journey.

4. in the service bay there is a rover. the rover does not have heat shielding, so be careful!

5. finally, on the very top there is a capsule. this is what you will use to actually land on the goddamn planet, OH MY GOD ITS SOHARDTOGETTHEREOMG!!!!!!!.......sorry, im new at this. Anyway :/, the capsule is equipped with basic science equipment, for all you science needs! :). once you're done, its a simple thing of re docking to the command module, then go back home!








* - please keep in mind that i forgot to pack enough fuel 4 stage #3, so infinite fuel might be necessary. if you don't know how to enable, that's OK. (its Alt+F12)


**- also keep in mind that w/ the new 1.0 update, the engines are much more powerful, so don't b surprised if you end up exploding from stress or fold in half( yes it has been known to do that)


 Finally, if this ship design doesnt ultimately fit your style, feel free to change it as necessary!