International Space Station (ISS) & Soyuz Rocket

11,439 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 Game Version: 1.3.1

Reconstruction of ISS and a Soyuz rocket using three mods.  


Just Unzip file and place the 'ISS'  save file into your KSP saved games folder, and ensure correct mods are installed


Mod List required: 

- CxAerospace Stations Part Pack



- RN Soviet Rockets



-Tantares Stockalike Soyuz and MIR (SHIPS)





*FOR ISSUES WITH THE ABOVE MODS: I have no control whatsoever on their compatibility with newer versions of KSP, and as a result the ability of this save file to work in other versions besides KSP 1.3.x

*Texture mods such as Stock visual enhancements are optional (used in Images and video)


 Save Includes:

- ISS pre-constructed in orbit around Kerbin


-Craft file for Soyuz rocket design  



OLD Video showcase can be found here:











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