[.23.5] Control From Here

1,364 Downloads Last Updated: May 9, 2014 Game Version: 0.23.5


-Have you ever made a horizontal lander only to get it to the planet you want it and then not be able to use Mechjeb to land it because your control module it’s using is setup for vertical takeoff and landing? Now you can simply place this doodad anywhere on your ship and control it from that location at anyime during flight. Made this mod for myself since I use MechJeb to land allot and negates having to put connect points on my ship then adding a prob part to get the same affect..also smaller and sleeker!

It's Exactly what the name suggests.....you can control your ship from any location, any time from where you place one of my CFH parts. Also great for making  tiny ships and doodads!!!

(will be under "Advanced Control" in career mode)


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