THIS MOD WORKS WITH 1.12 (and pretty much every version)!




So basically this project is made because the stock flags weren't enough. So, I decided to just make a mod with every flag in the world. SO far just a few flags have been added but more is coming. The goal is to get every single flag I can find to this mod. Currently, it has 42 flags.


Version History


1.1: Nordic Countries, Baltic Countries, Russia, USSR, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Poland.

1.2: Almost all flags from North-, Central- and South American countries.

1.2.1: The rest of the American flags. 

1.3: European flags!

1.3.1 More flags of Europe!

1.3.2: Rest of European flags!

[UPCOMING] 1.4 Eastern Asia...




In the next update, I am planning to add Eastern Asian flags.