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WhimChaser by Axial Aerospace (WHIM)

Provides a fun to fly efficient vertical launch/glider return vessel that can handle rescue missions as well as providing a low-cost crew service vessel (CSV) for Kerbal Space Program.

Adopted for curation by @zer0Kerbal, originally by @artwhaley

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Preamble by @artwhaley

Inspired by Dream Chaser and Pteron, and gives a flight profile similar to Dream Chaser and the Space Shuttle, so it's something familiar and educationally valid.

This is a part for those times when you want to fly... not build. Towards that end, this single part has built in: ElectricCharge, MonoPropellant, Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer, aerodynamic control surfaces, 6-way RCS Thrusters and main Engines!

So with a part count of 1, you can throw this thing on the launchpad, hit the space bar, and leave the ground. You won't get far - as the fuel tanks only carry about 525 m/s of delta-V, but it's more than enough to blast off, turn east, and practice gliding to the water.

The idea is to launch and insert the shuttle into orbit on top of a conventional rocket then decouple and use the built-in engines and fuel for orbital maneuvering - shifting orbits, rendezvous(if you planned the launch well!) and de-orbit burn.

As a glider... the lift and drag numbers aren't great... but this is a spaceship first and a glider second. It's designed for water landing (it CAN tumble to a stop on land without killing kerbals... but I wouldn't call that a 'landing' exactly.) Because of the reasonably steep glideslope I haven't successfully landed it with wheeled gear without a lot of bounce and flip... though it might be possible? The engine also has sufficient TWR that you can operate in glider mode down to the last 250m, drop airspeed to 50m/s, and then turn the nose up and engine on and do a powered, vertical landing. It's a bit of a trick, but it can be done.

Keep in mind that this thing DOES generate lift from the body(though not OODLES of it)... so if you throw it on top of a rocket without any other aerodynamic surfaces it will be unstable. Standard winglets at the bottom of the launcher will keep the pointy end towards space. Because it's a single part... when it's by itself the COM and COL are at the same point when it doesn't have anything else attached. If you attach anything to it that shifts the COM aft, you're going to have stability problems unless you also attach winglets back there. I've had no problem throwing a small docking port on the back of the vessel, but trying to just strap an engine or fuel tanks to the back is a recipe for disaster when you're inside the atmosphere. Keep the COM at or in front of the COL and keep SAS on and it flies rather nicely... for a stubby space brick!

Here's a terrible youtube video showing the basics of flying the gizmo! I recorded it on my development machine which is set for low graphics quality to help speed up the thousand reloads required to get a mod working!





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This mod adds three parts

  • Part: WhimChaser pod with resources, 6-way RCS thrusters, and engines
  • Part: ServiceModule with resources and integrated junior compatible docking ports
  • Part: ServiceModule-small with resources and integrated junior compatible docking ports
  • NEAR/FAR configs are included.
  • ODFC configs are included.

On a wing and a prayer

Cabin notesThe mod contains three parts, a command pod, and two sizes of service modules.

  • Future Plans: lol. Except compatibility patches, keep it working with future KSP updates.


Community Tech Tree integration and Tech Tree Balancing (need feedback and assistance)


I have not personally tested the patches


Have a request? Glad to have them, kindly submit through GitHub.


Would love to see one or more textures that could be set as variants. Would need help with the textures. :D


From the original roadmap

  • Retractable docking port for Shuttle itself.
  • IVA interior
  • Fairing for launch
  • Solar Panels on Service Modules


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Help Wanted work in progress Additions and corrections solicited and welcome!

See the README in the Localization folder for instructions for adding or improving translations for languages other than English. GitHub push is the best way to contribute.

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