WarpPrime Weaponry

Do you want an awesome pack for missilery? Or are KSP stock parts not cutting it for your warheads and missiles? Then WarpPrime Weaponry is perfect for you! More parts and addons coming soon! :D

RealPlume bundle here: https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/warpprime-weaponry-exhaust-effects

WarpPrime Weaponry RealPlume is now bundled with WarpPrime Weaponry starting from versions 1.2 and above, if you don't have its dependencies (Stock Waterfall Effects and Solid Waterfall Effects (SWE) and its dependencies) or just don't want the bundle, you don't need to copy the WarpPrimeWeaponryRealPlume folder to your GameData.

INFO: WarpPrime Weaponry is a weaponry and efficient part pack, ranging from overpowered ion engines to high-explosive warheads. No dependencies are required, but this mod is not compatible with Community Tech Tree or any other tech tree mod. Please comment down below if you have any questions and/or concerns.



  • Bombs and missiles now have custom modules for blast damage!
  • Warheads do not have any blast damage yet, that will be implemented in v2.2 along with building destruction.
  • Ejection seats coming in v2.2!


  • Development switch again, switched back to stock localization
  • Another major overhaul with 50+ new parts for users to test out, including a scramjet (thanks Maverick), guided missiles, and more!
  • Some parts may be broken, please let me know ASAP


  • Geared development toward RealSolarSystem, still playable for stock players but flavor text will be geared toward RSS (feel free to request an MM patch for this if you want)


  • Science parts
  • Better tech tree
  • Bundled WPW Realplume in zip file

v1.1 - More parts! - Fixed broken tech tree


  • Massive overhaul of mod
  • Branched away from war-based technology into more practical purposes


  • T-1 "Trident" Solid Booster added
  • V-3 "Phoenix" Vacuum Engine added
  • Sepratron II added


  • Initial release