Warp Stopper v1.1

459 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 30, 2014 Game Version: 0.24.2

What it does

Add the ability to stop warp using a bindable key. Very useful for interplanetary warps. Sorry about no screenshots. Its not much of a screenshot mod


Remove all traces of the mod from your gamedata if you have an older version Extract RandomIndustrys into your GameData in the KSP root folder ??? Profit!


Add the ability to shrink menu.




PM me on the forums. (Some_Random_Guy)


Version 1.1.0: Added ability to change warp key. Version 1.0.0: Mod released. Added the ability to stop Warp using the "z" key.

If you encounter an error

Check version! Version 1.1.0 might cause bugs! Try to recreate the bug. If the bug occurs again. Try to reinstall Warp Stopper on a fresh version of KSP with NO mods! Just WS. If the issue still persists, Pastebin the logs and send them in a pm to me on the forums.

Thanks to Jetwave and everyone who helped me on the #KSPModders Esper.net Channel! If they didn't exist this mod wouldn't exist!


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