Uncharted Lands

2,230 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 13, 2016 Game Version: 1.0.5

PLEASE NOTE: this pack requires Kopernicus to function. Please ensure to download it otherwise nothing will load.


A re-imagining of the stock planets, Uncharted Lands strives to create both beautiful and interesting worlds possible.


Featuring an entirely new layout of planets and moons, Uncharted Lands offers a fresh start and new challenges for the Kerbol system.


Uncharted Lands is a procedurally created stock overhaul for KSP's planets. The aim of this mod is to create the most beautiful and interesting system possible with NO HEIGHTMAPS OR EXTERNAL FILES AT ALL. Every Single texture used in game for Uncharted Lands is either included in the stock game, or generated solely from PQSMods used on the planets. This exciting creation method can create an entirely different result to the standard heightmaps used by most other mods.




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