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The Maritime Pack


Updated for KSP 1.4.x



Build your own side or sternwheeler.


NOTE: If you are upgrading from previous versions of Maritime Pack, delete the entire Maritime Pack directory under GameData prior to installing!


The Maritime Pack - Yachts, Cargo Ships, Paddlewheelers, RoRo's, Carriers and lots more parts to create you own armada.  With over (currently) 40 parts, the Maritime Pack is a modular parts pack that allows you to design boats for KSP the way you want them.


Easily transport hundreds of tons of cargo, dozens of Kerbals or rovers to distant shores.  Go yachting on Eve's Explodium Sea, support multiple bases on Laythe by water or experience history and take a Paddlewheel cruise up Kerbin's rivers.  Looking for the ultimate pilot challenge? Try landing on the CVE. 


Maritime Pack Cargo Ship


The ocean is your frontier and to conquer it you only need imagination... and the Maritime Pack.


Now includes: The Submarine Pack!


Maritime Pack Submarine


Release thread on the KSP Forums.  Please forward all questions to that thread. I do NOT check these comments.


-'Fair Winds and Following Seas'

Escort Carrier