Stock Probe Redux (20+)

681 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 26, 2014 Game Version: 0.24.1

Includes smaller sizes of all the probe cores except  the cube, which has two versions. There is also an even smaller version of the octagonal version called the micro probe which comes with its own teeny tiny docking port (called the Clamp-o-tron Egg).


PLEASE NOTE: These have not been balanced for the "new" contracts/career(.24.x) mode, these are a simple rescale "hack" to make them smaller. I have not changed the price for them for career mode, or the amount of resources in each core.

Image coming soon.


My personal flag also comes in this pack.



TweakScale makes this entire pack obsolete, it includes everything i made, and more. I do not work with the tweakscale guys. Im just saying, downloading this is mostly pointless when TweakScale does everything i did. I will not be working on this anymore. The only thing here that may be useful to someone is the clamp-o-tron egg, which may get its own page.


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