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StateFunding Version 0.1.0


[*] Overview
StateFunding offers another path to funding your space program. When you chose your government you chose based on the strengths and weaknesses of that government. If you government cares more more about public opinion, using Kerbals will have a greater impact on your funding but you will also be penalized for Kerbal death more. If your government cares more about their own confidence in your program, using autonomous rockets is a safer, cheaper, and more affective. Each year you will receive a year review showing the achievements and failures and you will be paid by your total PO/SC scores.


[*] Public Opinion (PO)
To raise public opinion, have more Kerbals in active flights. The amount of science generated from science stations will also increase public opinion. Kerbal death will negatively impact public opinion


[*] State Confidence (SC)
To raise state confidence, have satellites with antennas in orbit of celestial bodies other than the Sun. You can have 10 satellites in orbit of each celestial body affect your SC score. Resource mining will also increase your SC score. Destroyed vessels will have a negative impact on the SC score.


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