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Support for KSP 1.0.5-  Check that latest file is for 1.0.5 before you download it.


This is likely the LAST update for the mod. - Should now be functioning as it was with 0.90.


Requires Module Manager for KSP - Use the CFG included in the pack to set up Skillful on all your parts.

Latest version supports 0.90 Only! - Skillful allows you to put your designs to the ultimate test! See how well two different teams do against one another. Comes with weapons (guns, rockets, and various bombs) also includes some armour parts to help protect against all that damage!

Added lots of changes.

1) the old targeter now takes over the mouse cursor when in manual aiming mode while using the CIWS and Auto Air Turret. It's not perfect but it's in! Turret must be control = true and auto-target = false.

2) damage system was updated to include some per vertex deformation eye-candy :) Slow computers will not like it, expect some lag spikes. If you don't want this enabled, simply set the option to false on the IFFtag part.

3) explosions and other things have been better optimized.

4) NEW armour parts!

5) multiple IFF tag bug is gone, changing one changes them all.

6) reworked the manual turrets to fire automatically. This is the tank turret, the turbo laser, the 30 cal, and the battleship turret. to aim auto, simply set the turret to auto-tracking. (see readme file or visit the forum for more info).

7) more stuff... can't remember all the small tweaks I made.

Use the CIWS to make your bombing runs a bit more difficult, yes they shoot you down! Now also with heat seeking SAMs , just one more thing to keep you on your toes!

Bomb or gun your targets into bits! or Use a guided rocket barrage!

This is an updated release, I've managed to fix a few things!

OTHER MODS might cause Skillful not to function, this isn’t my problem. If you are having an issue please try running Skillful on it’s own, then add other mods one at a time. The mod contains a batch file to auto- fix your STOCK , B9 and Procedural Dynamics (wings) parts, This just adds support for skillful to the cfg files. Read the README file in the pack.

Watch my other Skillful Videos!

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The new Skillful - Air Defense video! :

If you use and enjoy the mod please donate to help support it! It's appreciated!

Contact me on the KSP forum thread if you have issues.

Thanks for using the mod, ENJOY!