Simple Joint Reinforcement

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A simple mod that reinforces all part joints by utilizing built-in features.


So in the game there is an option called "Advanced Tweakables", which allows you to make autostruts. The autostruts will essentially make your ship stable. But this option has to, as far as I am aware, be turned on for each individual part... I haven't found any downside to having this option for every part in a vessel, and I make some decently sized vessels.


And the power of these "auto struts" is quite immense, as can be seen in the picture.


This mod simply makes it so each part, that doesn't already have an auto strut setting applied to it, will received one of the three auto strut options available. It also makes the parts have rigid attachment.


That's it... Took me an hour to make, and I haven't found any other mod that does this. I suppose there is the Kerbal Joint Reinforcement plugin, but that doesn't have support anymore and when I was looking at the

code it seems to be quite a lot of code whereas my code is about 10 lines


So please, enjoy this mod and if you experience any issues, please just contact me.