[1.2] Sensible Tech Tree BETA 1.02 (11/02/16)

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 Sensible Tech Tree

Version "BETA 1.02"

Sensible Tech Tree is a mod similar to things like Historical Progression, and Unmanned before manned. The purpose of this mod is to completely rebuild the stock tech tree into something more sensible. Things such as planes from the start, probes before manned, and other such things that just flat make sense.



- A whole new, more sensible tech tree has been built to replace the stock.

- Most plane parts can be used from the start of a save, as before touching rocketry, we had planes for a long time.

- Sounding rockets, are the first bit of rocketry you obtain, with probes as the only control option.

- Survivability parts are unlocked, and tested before manned is even an option.

- And many other re-arrangements of parts, and the tiers at which you unlock them.


Future Plans

Current plans for the future is to get the icons all set proper, to fully balance the tech tiers costs, as well as solidify each parts permanent node. These plans will wrap up the Beta, and lead us into our first full release.

Past the first full release, I plan on working on support for mods such as KIS, KAS, Infernal Robotics, and many more, which will lead into the second version of the mod.

After the Initial integration with some of the base mods that are planned, I plan to implement support for career's that require you to purchase parts from the unlocked nodes, though this is a lesser priority at the moment.


Change Log


BETA v1.01

- Created new Tech Tree

- Moved all stock parts into respective tech nodes.


Special Thanks

@Pap1723, for helping with the initial bugs that i ran into

CSA Community, for helping my motivation to complete the mod.


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