Sensible Tech Tree

1,117 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 15, 2016 Game Version: 1.1.3

Hi, there! WhereAreTheBathrooms here, introducing Sensible Tech Tree for Kerbal Space Program. Thanks for tuning in!


Sensible Tech Tree is a technology tree rearrangement mod for Kerbal Space Program. I made it after getting sick of building the exact same Flea, fins, Mk1 Command Pod, Mk16 Parachute setup over and over whenever I started a new game, subsequently realising that the entire tech tree is a little borked. This, mind you, coming from someone who cares deeply about realistic technological advancement in KSP - you may feel totally otherwise, and that's your opinion! For those of you who feel the same, however, STT will put aircraft before rockets, and unammed rocketry before manned. This is more akin to real-world progression, where we had zero supersonic aircraft before we built planes bigger than 3 metres in width. The mod also reduces the total amount of science required to unlock every part in the game, a by-product of simplifying it somewhat that I plan on keeping because, frankly, I like that.


STT is not officially compatible with any other KSP mod. I haven't tested it with any installed so use it at your own risk. That said, I have no reason to believe it will conflict with any mod that does not also change the tech tree or each part's assignment to its nodes. Mods that add parts may very well work, but those parts will be in strange places on the tech tree or may not be unlockable at all, as STT removes some nodes that end up empty using just stock parts. Furthermore, STT is only truly known to be compatible with KSP v1.1.3 - it's the only game version I tested it on - so if you use it on an earlier version and experience no issues, please let me know. I am working on making STT compatible with some other mods - kOS and RemoteTech in particular - and I welcome any suggestions for mod compatibility or general mod improvements you might have.


You can find out more about STT through this Imgur album.


I hope you enjoy Sensible Tech Tree; you can contact me here, via the KSP forums (WhereAreTheBathrooms) or via Reddit (/u/WhereAreTheBathrooms). Thanks for checking it out!


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