S^3 - SmallSolarSystem

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One day there was an awesome RSS config made by thyriel. After RSS changed its engine it doesn't work anymore, so I decided to take on it by myself. While being loosely based on the original config, it has several changes.



  • All bodies size reduced to 1/10th
  • Atmosphere have been reduced only for Earth (stock one instead), they are real life sized for other planets (watch out on Jupiter ^^). This makes ascents a bit longer, descents easier then in stock KSP. But it's more on realism. Delta-v usage isn't that much more compared to stock game so no need for any engine changes.
  • Earth rotates roughly at Kerbin scale, so a year has ~470 days, a day is 6 hours.
  • Orbits are reduced to 10% scale by range. If i would have scaled them by time factor (how long is a day) transfer delta-v's would increase a lot and it wouldn't be playable with stock engines. But that means that earth won't be on the same position every year.
  • TerrainHeight: Reduced to 25% mostly.
  • Phobos & Deimos: Because of issues with even more reduced size, those tiny moons of mars are real world sized with reduced orbit around mars.
  • Rotation Periods have been scaled down by time scale earth vs. kerbin time (therefore tidally locked moons have a longer period in days as kerbin has a longer year)
  • Stock warp times




  1. Install RSS TEXTURES
  2. Grab the mod here
  3. Put the folder "SmallSolarSystem" in GameData
  4. (optional) If you want to use RT, install RSS config
  5. Don't forget to install KSC Switcher for different starting locations!
  6. The mod is now CKAN for easy installations!


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