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Select which resource types to manage and then the parts that store those resources that you want to manage. You can then transfer the resource in and out of all the managed parts as if they were one. ideal for creating a refueling station in orbit. add one of the big resource managers to manage a bunch of fuel tanks at once. you can even put a resource manager on a vessel that's going to dock with the fueling station to handle filling all of it's tanks at once.

This is my first attempt at writing a plugin/mod. you can check out the source here:

There are two parts included in this release. they're both inline stack parts. they cover the first two sizes of rocket stacks.


  1. attach one of the included parts to a rocket.
  2. once you launch your rocket (or on the launch pad) right click on the part.
  3. click the "Show Setup" button.
  4. select the resources you want to manage. (LiquidFuel, Oxydizer, Etc.)
  5. select the parts you want to manage.
  6. now you can transfer fuel in or out of all the managed parts through the resource manager part.

this mod is still under development


  1. improve internal transfer logic (have it use deltaTime, have it move fuel along attachment paths)
  2. improve the gui
  3. automated transfers (auto balancing, etc)
  4. maybe better models/texturing
  5. anything else i think of



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