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Just something I made for placing RCS thrusters in the right positions in the first try without having to go back and forth between the VAB and the hacked gravity launchpad.


  • Display thrust and torque forces caused by RCS or engines.
  • Delta V readout for RCS.
  • Dry center of mass marker.
  • Center of drag marker (CoD) for parachute placement.
  • Average center of mass marker.
  • Ability to resize editor's overlay markers.
  • Display total mass of resources.


Known issues

  • delta v readout will only show for monopropellant RCS, doesn't work for the new Vernor RCS.
  • Parachute mode only works with stock aerodynamics and parachutes, will not work
    with mods such as FerramAerospaceResearch and RealChute.


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