70,383 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 8, 2014 Game Version: 0.25

This plugin is mostly intended as an IVA making toolkit for modders, and is being used in numerous advanced KSP mods.

The package as presented here shows off some (amusingly, not all) of it's capabilities by completely redoing the instrument placement in all stock capsule interiors, which I'm sure many people will find useful exactly as presented -- consider it an independently useful technology demo.It's most important function is to be "that mod where RasterPropMonitor.dll comes from" just like the popular Firespitter package is also the source of the Firespitter.dll which is used in lots of other places. If you wish to have RasterPropMonitor in the capsule you made, poke me and I'll help -- though please don't be offended if I'll reply by copypasting from the extensive documentation I wrote specifically for this.

The primary distribution channel for this plugin is still the GitHub releases page.


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