Radial Engine Mounts by PanaTee Parts International (PPI)

Last Updated: May 3, 2015 Game Version: 1.0.0


Sep 7, 2014

Owner: teejaye85

Radial Engine Mounts

by PanaTee Parts International (PPI)

This release contains two Radial Engine Mounts designed to allow you to turn your stack-mounted engines into radials. Both mounts include fuel crossfeed and decoupling functionality.

The Double Radial Engine Mount allows part attachment on the top surface as well.

Obviously the uses are not limited to engine mounting. Maybe you're like reddit user bossmcsause and fancy leaving behind your spent materials bays. Or maybe you have incredible ideas we haven't even thought of.


This mod was developed jointly by PandaHammer (art) and TeeJaye85 (whatever else there is). Find TJ on the forum or on reddit, and PH over on reddit.

Recommended Mods Many of the most frequently requested features can be obtained using the list of mods below. Given their awesomeness, odds are you have them already Note: We are currently not bundling any of the below mods in our package. If you are interested in the functionality they offer, please visit their respective forum threads.

Tweakscale - Rescale our parts

The Radial Engine Mount parts are currently only available in 1.25m sizes. We highly recommend the wonderful mod Tweakscale for all your non-1.25m needs.

Tweakable Everything - Remove decoupler function from staging

Among many other useful things related to many of your other parts, Tweakable Everything will allow you to remove our decoupler function from the staging sequence.

Firespitter - Add a small amount of fuel to the Basic Radial Engine Mount

All you technically need is the Firespitter.dll. Since tons of other mods require it, odds are you've already got it. If not, grab it from the official source. You may as well just grab the whole mod while you're there, cuz it's awesome. Firespitter will allow you to add a small amount of fuel to the Basic Radial Engine Mount, as suggested by reddit users TheoQ99 and froschkonig. The (optional in-game) tweak comes at the cost of a few more funds and a bit of extra dry mass. Enjoy!


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