QuizTech Aero Pack

98,638 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 9, 2015 Game Version: 1.0.4


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Currently adds:

Mk1 "Eagle" Cockpit 

K-10 Cockpit

Mk2 Probe Core Nose

Short Mk2-1 adapter w/ Intakes

Mk2 Snub Nose

Mk2-0.625x2 Adapter

Mk2 Thunderbolt Cockpit

K-35B VTOL Jet Engine

K-F.A.N. VTOL Lifter Section

K-21-RCS Jet Thruster

Mk1 Razor VTOL Jet Engine

"Cyclone" VTOL Lifter Section

Mk2 Twin Turbofan Engine

"Phoenix" VTOL Wing Section

Mk2 NERVA Dual Atomic Engine

Mk2 Linear Aerospike Rocket

Mk2 Shielded Docking Nose

Mk2-1 Slanted Adapter

Mk2 Medium Nose Cone

Mk2 Service Bay

Added Mk2 Fuselage Quarter (fuel type switch-able)


Known Issues:

  • Parts may be slightly imbalanced, still working to get that perfect. Let me know in the comments if they should be tweaked!
  • Mk2 Service Bay will only be "unshielded" if the top bay is open due to a limitation with ModuleAnimateGeneric. The bottom bay can be used when the top is open.
  • If you have B9 procedural wings but not the main B9 Aerospace mod the Thunderbolt cockpit internal will look incomplete. If you wish to use the B9 props they are provided in the Extras folder.
  • K-10 cockpit does not yet have an IVA.

Future Plans/Ambitions:

  • B9 versions (ehhh, maybe..)
  • Mk2 Engine Line (VTOL Rapier, rocket)
  • Moar cockpits.
  • Might redo the Thunderbolt IVA in the future..



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