1,844 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 14, 2017 Game Version: 1.2.2

 What is it?

QuickGoTo is a small plugin which add the possibility to go to an other scene from anywhere (VAB, SPH, Tracking Station ...).

 How does it work?

You can use the stocktoolbar or the blizzy toolbar mod to go to the:

  • Main: MainMenu,
  • Sett: Settings,
  • SC: SpaceCenter,
  • VAB: Vehicle Assembly Building,
  • SPH: Space Plane Hangar,
  • TS: Tracking Station,
  • MI: Mission Control,
  • Admi: Administration,
  • RnD: Research and Development,
  • Astr: Astronaut Complex,
  • Lves: Last Vessel,
  • Rc: Recover,
  • Rv: Revert to launch,
  • RvED: Revert to Editor,
  • RvSC: Revert to SpaceCenter.

How to install it?

Unzip all files. Put the QuickGoTo folder in your KSP/GameData folder.

How to update it?

Unzip all files. Merge the new QuickGoTo folder with the old folder which is in your KSP/GameData folder.

How to uninstall it?

Delete the QuickGoTo folder in your KSP/GameData folder.


  • to Enceos and 5thHorseman to have requested this mod,
  • to theSpeare for his SceneJumper mod,
  • to blizzy for his Toolbar mod,
  • to Matthieu James for the Faenza icon theme,
  • to all mods developers which make this game really huge,
  • to my friend Neimad who corrects my bad english ...
  • to Squad for this awesome game.