Psycho Mechanic Industries Fuel Gen pack

Last Updated: Jul 5, 2014 Game Version: 0.24.2


Jun 15, 2014

Owner: AdamsMassey

This pair of semi-cheaty parts brought to you by Psycho Mechanic Industries

I will continue to update the parts and might even add more as needed.
Modded stock parts, uses the RTG models, I stripped down the RTG and recoded it to be a fuel supply.
As time went on I wanted a balanced fuel generator, rather than the full out infinite fuel mode in game
I have tested the parts in Economy mode and although they are expensive, once you get going its small potatoes compared to how much the science is worth. [And you didn't hear it from me, but fuel costs money, and if you are at the pad when you recover vessel, you get 100% of its value, so start empty, fill up, recover for a miniscule trickle of income........Just saying]
I recommend linking the generator on/off toggle to an action group
Fuel generator uses 50 power/sec for 4.4:3.6/second of Oxidizer:Fuel
Monoprop generator uses 20 power/sec for .5 units of monopropellant.

Full tech tree support, you get the fuel generator early on, but its use is not advised without a way to bring power IN......
Useful for topping off tanks before maneuvers, and lander stages [I know I HATE running out of fuel trying to soft land.]
make sure to attach to a tank and turn it off when you are done,  it will drain power for as long as it is on.
Currently working on creating a full electric engine that would use the same principal as the newly tested NASA one, the "Quantum foam thruster" that only uses electric power, might take a while.

Feel free to leave notes on how well it works for you and requests for more cheaty/non cheaty parts and I'll see what I can do.


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